About The Mages Club

The Mages Club allows you to explore a vast world in a fantastic universe, create your own establishments and so much more !

From having your own tavern, talking to your customers, farming and cooking, gathering herbs and becoming a potion master, all the way to becoming a dark mage and exploring faraway cities, temples and dungeons filled with hidden knowledge, the game will give you the freedom to approach the world in many different ways.

We’re trying to put as much love and give as much attention as possible to the world we’re sharing with you.
Pets and other creatures have a great part in our lives, and they will have an important part to play in the game. For example, Owls will be a way to order things to be quickly delivered to your establishment, or simply send and receive quests.

Who is developing The Mages Club ?

We are a small team of 3 people, very friendly and extremely passionate, with a long experience in the games industry.

Where can I receive updates about the game ?


Join the Mages Club Discord server or simply subscribe to our newsletter down the page.
You can also find us on twitter here.